Projects & Leaders

Goals for Project Area and Planned Projects

The project area aims to identify and utilize highly functional immune mediators of parasites, and the goal of the Area is to show successful applications of parasitic factors to immunological disorders other than parasitic diseases in each planned study. As parasites can be broadly classified into three categories, protozoa (single-celled endoparasites), helminths (multicellular endoparasites), ectoparasites, one planned study is allocated for each category.

Planned project A01

Elucidation of mechanisms for macrophage manipulation by Leishmania

1)  Identification of immune accelerators possessing anti-tumor effects
2)  Identification of immune regulators for sepsis and endotoxin shock
3)  Identification of adjuvant molecules for carbohydrate antigen-based vaccines

Project Leader: Yasuyuki GOTO, Ph.D.

Professor Laboratory of Molecular Immunology
Department of Animal Resource Sciences
Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences
The University of Tokyo

Planned project A02

Elucidation of host-gut microbiome interaction influenced by parasite-derived substances

1)Identification of regulatory molecules on the onset of autoimmune diseases
2)Identification of anti-obesity molecules
3)Identification of molecules preventing disease progression in viral infections

Project Leader: Chikako SHIMOKAWA, M.D.,Ph.D

Senior Research Scientist
Department of Parasitology
National Institute of Infectious Diseases

Planned project A03

Saliva of hematophagous arthropods-Pharmacological analysis for the drug discovery-

1)Identification of anti-allergy molecules
2)Identification of anticoagulant molecules
3)Identification of molecules inhibiting angiogenesis

Project Leader: Takeshi HATTA, D.V.M.,Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department of Parasitology and Tropical Medicine
Kitasato University School of Medicine